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The American revolution started with a few folks sharing a beer. So did the Wedge.

When the group includes a genius Brewer, a visionary artist, a naive entrepreneur and a few avid fans of the Brewer’s beer magic can happen. If those players are Carl Melissas, John Payne and Tim Schaller the magic will be the Wedge.

The front of the Wedge Studios taproom on a cloudy day
Four people share a flight of Wedge beers

What a Long Strange Trip It's been

The fact that this all would end up with a brewery in a dirt parking lot in a sketchy building down by the tracks only makes the story more ‘Asheville back in the day’. It’s been a long story, but it’s still tied to what was cooked up over those first few beers.

Everything is an opportunity

When the Brewer committed to only making the best beers possible, it is great that the neighbors showed up to drink it. When the artist interrupted the entrepreneur with the everlasting phrase “Everything is an opportunity” it’s important that the words were heeded.

The neighbors showed up and wanted more of the best beer in Asheville. The Brewer and Artist set the direction. The entrepreneur is still trying to figure out how to steer this magic ship.

Two customers enjoy beers at a picnic table on a sunny day outside the Wedge Brewing taproom