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**Gold Medal Winner Great American Beer Festival 2017**

Märzenbier is German for “March beer” and along with Hellesbock are two of Carl’s favorite styles of lager.

Märzen is related to both the Oktoberfest in Munich Germany, and Vienna lager.
In 1553 the Bavarian ruler Duke Albrecht V forbade all brewing between April 23rd and September 29th, thus preventing brewing during warm summer months. The stronger Märzenbier would then be Lagered (stored) in caves until September for the beginning of Oktoberfest.

The Wedge Märzenbier is mashed with Pilsner, Munich,Vienna, Aromatic and Melanoidin malts. All of which are produced in Germany.

The Hops are of the Noble variety (German Spalter Select), with just enough bitterness to balance the malt.

The yeast originates from Munich (the home of Oktoberfest), and is the same yeast we use to ferment the Julian Price Pilsner.

With almost 12 weeks in the fermentation vessel, it was then filtered to a bright copper/amber color.

In 2017 this same recipe (except for the hop variety), won the Gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival!

Our Märzen is a full bodied lager, that’s rich, malty, and bready. Hop aroma is floral and slightly herbal, with a clean middle flavor.

Achieving this perfect balance allows for a multidimensional experience, and a finish that only leaves a memory of elegance.