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Czech Dark Lager

In this perfectly balanced Dark Lager; Pilsner, Munich, and Dark Malts are double decocted to give us depth and body.

Decoction is the process in which some of the beer is separated from the main mash process to be further boiled and reduced for flavor  enhancement and then added back into the main mash. We do this twice.

Our brewers also use a special Czech style technique during mash in, that sends the roasted malts in later in the process thus preventing any residual astringency throughout the brew.  In classic Czech style we boil with a good amount of Saaz to balance out the sweet malty wort.

A quick 6 week rest in the horizontal lagering tank, and the result is a delicious dark lagerbier with grainy maltiness, a satisfying toastiness and caramel sweetness, but somehow still fresh and light, all perfectly balanced out by noble hops.